Hong Kong, cont'd
Before dinner the next night, our hosts took us to the top of Victoria Peak, which looks down on the city.  It was a beautiful view.
I guess I want this one, then!  We ended up eating everything our (Chinese) hosts picked out.  Of course, they had to explain to us what each dish was & how to eat it!  I think Justin's favorite was the fish head soup, or maybe it was the grouper fins & tail.  Everything went down, nothing came up.  Houston, there is no problem.
Oh - look at this stuff!  There are giant clams, prawns, abalone, grouper, crabs, scallops, you name it, they got it.   Pick out what we want?  You mean for dinner? Hmm...talk about fresh!
Justin was drawn to this car.  The hotel had two of them, facing each other at the entrance to the hotel.  I guess it was their version of stone lions, maybe.
Here we are before dinner the following night.  This time, there was no chinese food to be found - we ate Indian food at the top of the Peak.  It tasted great, & we will remember that dinner for a long time yet to come!
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Here we are at the top of the peak, with the city below us.