The Big Budha & the Po Lin Monastery
I ventured out on my own again, this time traveling to the world's largest seated bronze Budha.  It was about 90 minutes from the hotel, by subway, taxi & bus.
In Hong Kong, they have a Chinese name for the Budha, but everyone just calls it the Big Budha, 'cuz that's what it is!
It's over 240 steps to the top of the mini mountain where the Budha sits.  (I know, because I counted.)  The Budha is 80 feet tall, and has 6 statues around it, each offering a gift to the Budha.
Here is the Big Budha, as seen through the gates of the Po Lin Monastery.  I was glad to be out of the wind that whipped around the stairs & plaza immediately below the Budha.
The temple at the monastery was amazingly ornate, lacquered, and painted, with offerings of fresh fruit & flowers left by people who had come to visit & pray.
A beautiful garden surrounded the temple, and there were huge incense pots, where people left big bundles of burning incense.  You can see two of them on the stairs into the temple.  The smell was enchanting.
Courtney flew home the next day, but Justin was off to Malaysia--->