Hong Kong! April 2002
We spent our first day in Hong Kong at Stanley, a huge open air shopping area.  If you are looking for Chinese souvenirs, and you can't find it here, then it simply doesn't exist.  A word to the wise...never pay asking price.  It's amazing what happens when you say no, and walk away...
After doing our damage in Stanley, we went back to the hotel.  The promenade behind our hotel is said to have the best views of the Hong Kong skyline, and we would agree with them!  You can only see about 1/4 of the skyline here - it just keeps going & going & going...
Then, we were off to dinner.  Of course, we had to have Chinese food!  Mark, Justin's co-worker is pictured here with us.  Since none of us speak Chinese, we had to do a lot of pointing & nodding, which worked fine.  It was delicious!  It was also the more "normal" of the Chinese cuisine we would eat on this trip.  Stay tuned.
The next day while Justin & Mark headed off to work, I ventured out of the hotel, to see what I could find.  All the streets in Hong Kong seem to look like this!  The subway entrance is the red thing off to the left. 
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