Florida, cont'd
^----  We each grabbed the silliest hat we could find...Justin & Dad refused to participate.  I don't know why.
<-----  Annabelle loved to play with the mirrors in the villa.I don't think I got a picture of her kissing herself.  
^---  Em & Bec (can I call you that here?) after a sweet treat.  We manage to find the Ghiradelli wherever we go. 
We shamelessly used Annabelle as a photo-prop, much to her delight in this picture.  Explaining she couldn't take all the dolls home, though,was not as fun.                      --------->
^-------  Justin was not as understanding about all the pictures.  I believe he has copyrighted this look as the "Cease & Desist" look.
But every once in a while, I was able to talk him into another picture, especially if involved "the kid", as he affectionately called Anna-belly.                                            ------------>
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