Florida, Cont'd
Some of the Halter women pose at the Epcot Fountain.
<----- Goofiness must run in the family.  I'm fairly certain we didn't get the wheelchair so Emily could be lazy.  :)
<-- And here is almost the whole family @ Epi-cot (according to Dad).  I think it was Dad's favorite park - He made that pretty clear.  :)  We missed you Matt & Braden!
This was the next day (I think), at Seaworld.  Justin may not be able put up with all 4 Halter women at once, but he sure gave it a good try!
^---------- It doesn't look like it, but that's actually Annabelle's "happy" face.  She loved the pool!  Em & she made a pact - you go under, I'll go under.
Who says Em doesn't know how to go wild?  This may be her only table-dancing experience, ever.  Past, present, or future. And you saw it here, folks.                                     -------->
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