This was an "educational" part of the tour - i.e. Let's get all the tourists in one room, and not let them leave until at least a few of them buy rugs. I knew going into this that Justin wanted a rug, so we put our "good spouse/bad spouse" routine to good use. (Why am I always the bad spouse?). After figuring out what we would (perhaps) like to buy, the initial price on a beautiful rug was $1200. They figured out pretty fast that it would become a game of "good spouse/absent spouse" so they asked me to offer my own "crazy number". Justin and I then proceeded to point at each other and proclaim the other the boss, before I threw out my crazy number. After all was said and done, we ended up with said beautiful rug for $100. We tipped the guy that wrapped it up for us, and caught up with my folks. If you decide you want to visit beautiful, exciting Ohio, you may just get to stay in the "crazy number rug" guest room. :)

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