More in Venice...
Here we are in front of St. Mark's Basilica.  It's truly an amazing sight, and the mosiacs on it are unbelievable.  When we went inside, there happened to be a service going, and we listened to the choir.  The sound was magical, and made you stop where you stood...might not be possible to hear a more beautiful sound..
The Bridge of Sighs is behind us, here.  This was the bridge prisoners crossed when going from the courts (on the left) to the prisons (on the right).  The bridge has little windows on each side, so the prisoner could see daylight one last time, before being imprisoned or executed.  Sigh.
The weather for our trip was awesome - 70 degrees during the day, and as you can see, just all-around gorgeous!
<--- This is the courtyard at the Doges' (Dukes') Palace.  This is also where the courts were - this is the building on the left, connected to the prisons by the Bridge of Sighs.
And then we went to...