Italy 2002!
We started out in beautiful Venice.  We luckily didn't get too lost before finding our hotel.  We dropped off our bags, and then started exploring!  Thankfully, it's not very easy to get lost in a city that is basically a bunch of islands!  Besides, who cares if you get don't have anywhere to be!
The Piazza de San Marco served as our "Home Base" - we knew if we could get here, we could get back to our hotel!
So many old churches to find and wonderful bridges to cross in Venice...Santa Maria's Church of the Salute is behind us here.
Gondola! Gondola!  Yes, we had to do it, but Dad, you'll be proud to know Courtney got the Gondolier down almost 50% before taking this relaxing ride!  Good Spouse, Bad every time!  :)
A view of the Ponte Rialto from the gondola.  Only three bridges cross the Grand Canal, and this is one of them...funny, it leads right to the shopping district.  Hmmm...
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